Applied Synergy PDF Viewer X1.2 (Beta) for OpenVMS


The Applied Synergy, Inc. PDF Viewer X1.2 (Beta) for OpenVMS is the initial integration of the PDF Viewer with the Ghostscript display engine. It is integrated with Ghostscript 7.03.

When the Ghostscript shareable image is completed, the Ghostscript engine will be separated from the PDF Viewer. When this occurs, PDF Viewer X1.2 will become PDF Viewer V2.0.

This beta release contains an integrated evaluation key, so no special key file is needed to run it. If a valid key file is present, however, it will be used instead of the evaluation key. Existing customers may use this beta release with their existing keys.


ASI PDF Viewer X1.2 (Beta) Installation Kits

Last Updated May 22, 2002

PDF012.A VMSINSTAL kit (7416 blocks)  [RFM:FIX,LRL:9216]
PDF012.ZIP ZIP file (4156 blocks)
PDF012_SFX.AXPEXE Alpha self extracting executable (4306 blocks)

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