Possible PDF Viewer System Incompatibility

A few sites have reported a problem running the PDF Viewer.

This problem manifests itself as an ACCVIO while starting the PDF Viewer. This ACCVIO occurs before anything is displayed.

This problem is not well understood yet and is currently being investigated. We will report it as soon as this problem is resolved.

If the test program indicates that your system will have problems running the PDF Viewer, please send us information about your hardware/software configuration. Thank you.

NOTE: If you downloaded PDF_CHECK.ZIP before September 21, 2000, and are having problems getting it to run, you have V1.0. Please download the current copy and try again.
To check your system for this problem: PDF_CHECK will report if your system might have problems with the PDF Viewer.

NOTE: Although PDF_CHECK does not create a window, it does require that your DECwindows display be defined. It may be necessary to do a SET DISPLAY before running PDF_CHECK.

PDF_CHECK.ZIP (17 blocks)

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