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OpenVMS PDF Viewer V1.x

Applied Synergy, Inc. has terminated its license agreement for the display engine technology used in V1.x of the OpenVMS PDF Viewer.

Because of this, ASI can no longer sell V1.1 the PDF Viewer for OpenVMS.

All customers who have previously purchased V1.0 or V1.1 of the PDF Viewer are not affected by this change. These customers are fully entitled to use V1.1 of the PDF Viewer.

In addition, ASI can still provide demonstration copies of V1.1. If you are interested in evaluating the PDF Viewer, please contact ASI at for an evaluation key.

OpenVMS PDF Viewer V2.0

For the PDF Viewer V2.0, ASI will use Ghostscript for the display engine.

To satisfy the licensing requirements of Ghostscript, ASI is sponsoring the development of Ghostscript as an OpenVMS shareable image. This shareable image will be available to all OpenVMS developers under the same terms as Ghostscript. The initial target for this shareable image is Ghostscript 7.03.

The ASI PDF Viewer for OpenVMS will continue to be a supported commercial product.

To thank our customers, all customers who have purchased V1.0 or V1.1 of the PDF Viewer will automatically receive V2.0. In addition, their support period will be extended to one year from the release of V2.0.

Finally, with the release of V2.0, the price of the PDF Viewer will be reduced to $150.

The ASI PDF Viewer X1.2 (Beta) is now available for download.

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